About Us

Haispot is the answer to the age old and burning question: Sak pase!? We’re the everything Haitian hotspot where you can not only buy everything Haitian but also connect to Haiti at the cultural level. Love Haitian cuisine? Buy all the necessary ingredients and learn how to cook it yourself! If it’s Diri Djondjon, your family and possibly your whole neighborhood will thank you for it.

Love the glory of Haitian history? Retrace our steps through engaging storytelling. Besides.. YOU make Haitian history every time you make a purchase on the Haispot as you help improve those dire and declining exportation numbers.

We’re a team of young sons of Dessalines and Toussaint bent on creating the next revolution through the power of technology, art and heart.

Join us now as we celebrate AND change Haiti for good.  You can always give us a shout at bonjou@haispot.com