If you’re one of the people who thinks learning a new language is hard and time consuming then this is the book for you. Kreglish is a new way to learn Creole that makes mastering the language a quick and simple process.

This Creole language learning book links Creole & English phonetics, making it easy to read words, expressions, and entire sentences with confidence. Kreglish isn’t just a book, it’s a new methodology that will help you learn Creole in the shortest time possible. Pronunciation is typically the most difficult aspect of learning a new language. With the Kreglish methodology you master pronunciation first, which motivates you to continue learning.

Teach Yourself Creole Anytime & Anywhere!

Whether you’re on a flight and only have a couple of hours to learn Creole or simply planning a vacation, this book will allow you to easily teach yourself Creole without taking up all your time.

It’s filled with most words, phrases, and examples you need to know to get through most conversations. This resource is packed with unique self-instruction resources and uses a new, practical, and creative approach to learning a new language. It allows you to hold a conversation with a native speaker under various situations in less than 24 hours! It’s the perfect choice for learners of any level, from complete beginners, Haitian Americans with some knowledge and a desire to improve their skills to native speakers who were educated in French and never had the opportunity to analyze Creole. There’s some great information for everyone in Creole Meets English. Many parents buy it for their young kids to introduce them to Creole at an early age.

Key Features of Kreglish:

Build a Solid Foundation
Allows you to start speaking Creole immediately using English words that sound Creole

Learn with Confidence
Helps you learn phrases and words to formulate full sentences and actual conversations.

Achieve Your Goals
Helps you develop practical language skills instead of simply memorizing vocabulary.

Learn from what You Know
We use hundreds of words that are spelled the same way in English and Creole to help you understand faster and better.

Made for Everyone
Filled with sentences and mocked conversations for adoptive parents, adopted children, vacationers, business travelers, and medical professionals

Start learning Creole today and begin speaking like a native. Meet Your Goals With Creole Meets English


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