Rose Syncia, The Haitian Woman Selling her Products in Haiti, Taiwan, and now the U.S.

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Say hello to Rose Syncia Jean Baptiste Rousseau! She is CEO of Syn’s Production, a Haiti-based company transforming Haitian fruits, nuts, and cereals into pure delicacy. Dynamic and ambitious, Rose Syncia is pushing her brand beyond Haiti’s frontiers. You can find Syn’s jam, liquor, chocolate, and other traditional treats on supermarket shelves in Port-au-Prince and the other main cities. Rose Syncia always ensures she keeps a minimum of stock for new customers and to sell during events. But when she received an order from the Center for Investment Facilitation (CFI) for a tradeshow in Taiwan, she wasn’t prepared and needed urgent funds as there was no down payment. “That’s when my friend talked to me about FINCA and all those amazing things they have been doing with female entrepreneurs. I said to myself, let’s give it a try!”

Not only did Rose Syncia receive the right amount to fulfill her largest contract ever on time, but she also got invited as the second guest of FINCA’s Mache Kontre Initiative, created to provide a platform for female entrepreneurs that other girls and women can look up to.  Rose capitalized on becoming a guest and promoting her company at FINCA’s office. This brought  her additional income when sales in the supermarkets decreased. “I even received two wholesale orders from other clients. This is really a wonderful place to be.”  said Rose Syncia.

What started as a hobby for Rose became a business in the most unexpected way. Rose Syncia remembers clearly that day when her friends came over to taste the first kremas-coconut based liquor she made all by myself. “After one shot, my close friend Nephtaly said “this is a kremas worth paying for; I am buying a bottle.” All my other friends ordered one. “This gave me the courage to offer my kremas to other people. And since then, one kept referring another, until Syn’s production became officially a brand.” According to the CEO, who is also a chef and provides catering services, turning your passion into a business is the best thing that could happen to someone, but you also need to have discipline, set high quality standards, study your competitor, and position yourself considering these attributes: quality, price, and creativity.

“Having a clear plan in mind and projecting yourself in the future is one important thing” according to Rose Syncia. “I started this business with less than 1,000 gourdes, selling to friends. My products are now in Taiwan… and I got paid!” Do you know what this means? This money I received can be used to increase my production and sell more in the international market. Syn’s is going to be a legacy to my children, to the next generation. It’s going to be one of the Haitian brands people talk proudly about. Syn’s Production is now available in three countries, Haiti, Taiwan and now the U.S. through the  With the  new opportunity to sell on Haispot, Syn’s  Productions can now reach the Haitian diaspora  and  others who are love  products directly from Haiti at a competitive price. Customers are also able to receive their products  in normal shipping time without worrying about international fees and shipping.  Rose Synicia represents entrepreneurs in Haiti who persevere and succeed despite the odds.

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Excerpts from FInding FINCA by Rose Syncia Jean Baptiste Rousseau

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Congratulations 🎉

Jean Emmanuel Charlot

Félicitations et succès dans la continuité et l’envergure de produits.
Toujours plus loin et plus haut.

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