Vendor Terms and Conditions / Tèm ak Kondisyon pou Vandè

Vendor Terms and Conditions / Tèm ak Kondisyon pou Vandè



Haispot is an online e-commerce platform that primarily allows sellers/suppliers/vendors of Haitian products to list their products on our website for a fee. Haispot also purchases products for resale from Haitian-based small businesses that are unable to or that don’t want to handle the shipping of their products to the buyers or to the Haispot’s warehouse(s).

By registering for or otherwise using this website, you (1) on behalf of yourself and the entity that you represent, agree to be bound by all terms and conditions of this agreement, including all terms and conditions incorporated by reference; and (2) represent and warrant that you are expressly authorized to bind vendor to this agreement.


Suppliers choose between 2 options: 

  • Sell on the Haispot as a store vendor.
  • Sell products to the Haispot for resale.

Vendors have their own stores on the Haispot platform and they can market and sell to potential buyers. Vendors can administrate their stores on the platform and are able to make basic changes such as new item uploading, price change, etc. but the Haispot team will have to validate such changes. Vendors also have the opportunity to store products at Haispot’s warehouse(s) located in the United States. 

Suppliers who sell their products to Haispot for resale deliver the product to us in Haiti and get paid within a deadline specified in the purchase order. The supplier give permission to the Haispot team to use its products Informations (description, pictures, etc.)  for marketing purpose.  

Selling on the Haispot website as a vendor

There are two ways to sell on the Haispot website as a vendor:

First, on an ongoing and on an as-needed basis, you will provide us, free of charge, products to keep in stock in the Haispot warehouse to fulfill orders made through the Haispot website.


Second, if you are a seller who plans to ship directly to buyers, you must provide proof of product stock or the ability to produce and ship products in a timely manner when an order is placed on the Haispot website.


As a seller/vendor/supplier, you’re expected to:

  • Promptly resolve customer issues;
  • Ship items on time, within your specified handling time (if you will ship by yourself);
  • Manage inventory and keep items well stocked if you will ship by yourself;
  • Charge reasonable shipping and handling costs and specify shipping costs and handling time in the listing (if you will ship by yourself);
  • Follow through on your return policy;
  • Respond to buyers’ questions promptly;
  • Be helpful, friendly, and professional throughout a transaction;
  • Make sure the item is delivered to the buyer as described in the listing.


Keep in mind, too, that if you don’t meet buyers’ expectations, it can lead to:

  • Not meeting the late shipment rate requirements
  • Exceeding minimum requirements for defect rate
  • A bad experience for you and the buyer
  • Low detailed seller ratings
  • Negative or neutral feedback from a buyer
  • A buyer requesting a return or reporting that an item was not received
  • A buyer asking us to step in and help with a transaction issue


Each supplier/vendor will be responsible for setting their own return and exchange policy. If a buyer feels that the product should be returned or exchanged and your policy does not allow return or exchange, the buyer can open a case with Haispot. A Haispot representative will discuss the dispute to see if a return, refund or exchange is warranted based on the Haispot’s general policies for buyers.

If you don’t want to accept returns, make sure you state that in your policy.

If you accept returns, you must clearly state the criteria under which you will accept a return. 

Remember, buyers who purchase from you are entering into a contract with you based on the details you included in your listing, including what you stated in your returns policy. Therefore, you may not add to or alter your returns criteria once an item has been purchased.



If you plan to keep products in stock in the Haispot warehouse, you must make sure you always ship your products to our warehouse on time to avoid stock shortage. Your products can stay in our warehouse until they reach their shelf life but you are encouraged to make sure you take unsold products from our warehouse before they get spoiled. If you want to take your products back, you’ll be responsible for the shipping fees.

If you’re shipping directly to the buyers, you must make sure you always have enough inventory to avoid stock shortage. If for a reason you don’t have available inventory for a product, you must make sure the product is listed as “Out of stock” on your store.


If you are shipping your products from Haiti to Haispot U.S. warehouse or to international customers, you or your designated agent will be the importer or exporter of record, as applicable, on all cross-border transfers, returns, and other shipments. 

Products between you and us will not list us as the importer or exporter on any import, export or other customs documentation, and will ensure that all cross-border transfers, product returns and other shipments comply with all import, export, and other applicable laws and regulations. As the importer and exporter of record, you or your designated agent will be responsible for payment of any taxes, duties or fees, and will be responsible for all required recordkeeping, registration, reporting, and licensing.


When you are selling on the Haispot website as a vendor, the following fees will be taken from your sales:

  • Listing fee: $ 0.20 per unit sold
  • Transaction fee: 10%

A credit card fee of 2.9% + $ 0.3 per order will also be taken from your sales by the payment plugin. 


Haispot pays out once a month. However, in certain scenarios where suppliers sell out quickly, they are eligible for expedited payment. 

Payout options: 

U.S. based vendors will need to add bank account information in the payment section under settings to withdraw or receive payments.

Haiti based vendors (or other foreign vendors) can receive payment by providing bank account information under settings to receive monthly payments. Non-U.S. bank accounts will not be able to withdraw directly from the website. You will need to make a special request by emailing [email protected]


Between buyers and vendors

Disputes between buyers and vendors will be mediated by the Haispot Team and decisions will be taken by the Haispot Team with regard to the Haispot General Policy. 

Between vendors and Haispot

Disputes between vendors and Haispot will be treated according to the present terms and conditions. After repeated disputes with suppliers, vendors might be removed from the Haispot or might not be able to ship their products directly to the suppliers in order for the Haispot to be able to follow every order fulfilment. 

For any disputes that those terms and conditions and the Haispot general policies for buyers are unable to solve, we’ll refer to the U.S. laws on e-commerce.




Haispot se yon platfòm kòmès elektwonik ki pèmèt antrepriz ki gen pwodui Ayisyen afiche epi vann pwodui yo sou entènèt. Yon lòt bò, Haispot achte pwodui nan men ti biznis ki baze an Ayiti pou distribiye kòm revandè, yon fason pou nou enkli biznis ki pa kapab oubyen ki pa deside pran pwosesis ekspòtasyon pwodui yo an chaj.

Lè w itilize sit entènèt sa a, (1) nan non pèsonèl ou ak non biznis ou reprezante a, ou aksepte pou w respekte tout tèm ak kondisyon ki nan pwotokòl sa a ak tout tèm ak kondisyon ki entwodui ladan sou fòm referans; e (2) ou bay garanti ou gen otorizasyon pou w reprezante vandè a nan antant sa a.


Founisè yo gen 2 opsyon:

  • Vann dirèkteman sou Haispot kòm vandè endepandan;
  • Vann Haispot pwodui yo pou li revann.

Vandè yo genyen pwòp boutik yo sou platfòm Haispot la e yo kapab vann pwodui yo a achtè potansyèl. Vandè yo kapab jere boutik yo sou platfòm lan e yo gen aksè pou yo fè kèk modifikasyon bazik tankou mete nouvo pwodui, modifye pri, elt. Toutfwa, ekip Haispot la dwe valide chak chanjman sa yo. Vandè yo gen posiblite tou pou yo stoke pwodui yo nan antrepo Haispot la ki twouve li nan peyi Etazini.

Lè yon founisè ap vann Haispot pwodui pou l revann, li livre nou pwodui yo an Ayiti epi li resevwa pèman nan dat ki presize nan dokiman kòmand lan. Founisè a bay ekip Haispot la pèmisyon pou li itilize enfòmasyon sou pwodui a (deskripsyon, imaj, elt.) nan kad pwomosyon platfòm lan.

Vann sou Haispòt kòm vandè endepandan

Gen 2 fason ou kapab vann sou Haispot kòm vandè endepandan ki genyen boutik pa w:

Ou kapab bannou pwodui pou nou stoke pou ou nan antrepo nou, pou nou reponn a demand achtè yo pou ou chak fwa genyen kòmand.


Ou kapab yon vandè ki voye pwodui yo bay achtè yo dirèkteman. Lè sa, wap gen pou w pwouve nou ou gen pwodui yo an stòk oubyen pwouve nou kapasite pou w pwodui epi livre pwodui yo a tan lè biznis ou a gen kòmand sou platfòm lan.

Men kisa n ap tann nan men w antanke vandè :

  • Rezoud rapidman nenpòt pwoblèm yon kliyan ta genyen ;
  • Si se ou k ap voye pwodui yo bay achtè yo dirèkteman : voye pwodui yo a tan pandan w ap respekte tan ou te di w ap bezwen pou trete kòmand lan ; jere stòk ou epi stoke pwodui yo nan bon kondisyon ; touche yon montan ki rezonab pou transpò ak manitansyon pwodui a epi presize sou sit la pri transpò a ak kantite tan wap bezwen pou w livre pwodui a ; 
  • Aplike politik ou genyen pou sa ki gen a wè ak lè yon kliyan vle retounen yon pwodui ;
  • Reponn kesyon achtè yo vit;
  • Rete amikal e pwofesyonèl pandan w ap asire w ou toujou prè pou w ede achtè yo;
  • Asire w pwodui a livre jan ou te dekri l sou sit la.

Pa bliye, si w pa konble atant achtè yo, sa ka gen konsekans sa yo :

  • Ou ka depase limit kantite reta nou tolere bò kote yon founisè Haispot ;
  • Ou ka depase egzijans minimal nou genyen sou kantite pwodui ki rive nan men kliyan an ak defo ;
  • Yon move eksperyans pou ou ak achtè a ;
  • Move nòt nan men achtè yo sou sit la;
  • Move kòmantè achtè yo sou pwodui w yo;
  • Yon achtè kapab mande pou li retounen w yon pwodui oubyen li kapab pote plent paske li pa rive resevwa yon pwodui li te kòmande;
  • Yon achtè kapab mande nou pou nou fè yon entèvansyon nan yon konfli li genyen ak yon tranzaksyon.



Chak vandè ap responsab pou yo defini pwòp kondisyon yo pou yon kliyan retounen oubyen chanje yon pwodui. Si yon achtè santi li ta dwe retounen yon pwodui e kondisyon antrepriz ou a defini yo pa pèmèt sa, achtè a kapab antame demach pou l mande Haispot entèvni nan dosye a. Lè sa, yon reprezantan Haispot ap trete ka a epi gade si achtè a ta dwe gen posiblite pou li retounen, chanje pwodui a oubyen rekipere kòb li te peye w la. Desizyon sa ap baze sou politik jeneral Haispot genyen pou achtè.

Si w pa aksepte achtè retounen w pwodui, asire w ou ekri sa klè nan règleman boutik ou a. Si ou aksepte achtè retounen w pwodui, ou dwe mete kritè pou yon pwodui kalifye pou sa.

Sonje, moun ki achte nan men w antre nan yon kontra avèk ou e kontra sa a baze sou detay ou mete nan deskripsyon pwodui w la, e detay sa yo enkli kondisyon pou moun retounen pwodui ba ou. Kidonk, ou pa dwe ajoute ni chanje kritè ou te mete yo pandan w genyen yon kòmand ki an kou.


Si ou planifye pou w genyen pwodui ki stoke nan antrepo Haispot, ou dwe asire w ou toujou voye pwodui w yo nan antrepo a a tan pou evite ripti stòk. Pwodui w yo kapab rete nan antrepo nou an jiskaske yo ekspire men nou ankouraje w pou w asire w ou pran pwodui ki pa vann yo nan antrepo nou an avan yo gate, yon fason pou w pa fè pèt. Si ou vle rekipere pwodui w yo, se oumenm ki ap peye frè transpò yo.


Si w ap voye pwodui w yo soti Ayiti pou ale nan antrepo Haispot la oubyen si w ap voye pwodui bay yon achtè aletranje dirèkteman, oumenm oubyen konpayi ou peye pou fè sa a ap anrejistre kòm enpòtatè oubyen ekspòtatè. Sa valab pou tout transpò pwodui aletranje kote Haispot enplike.

Lè w ap voye pwodui bannou ; se pa Haispot ki ap reprezante ekspòtatè oubyen enpòtatè nan dokiman transpò yo ak lòt dokiman ladwann epi oumenm ki ap voye pwodui a ou dwe asire w tout pwodui w ap voye oubyen pwodui kliyan ap retounen w an règ ak lwa sou enpòtasyon, ekspòtasyon ak lòt lwa ak règleman ki gen rapò ak sa. Kòm enpòtatè ak ekspòtatè, oumenm oubyen konpayi ou peye a ap responsab pou peye tout taks ak lòt frè yo, e ap responsab tout anrejistreman, rapò, lisans ak achiv ki ta nesesè nan kad pwosesis ekspòtasyon an.


Lè w ap van sou platfòm Haispot la kòm vandè endepandan, n ap pran frè sa yo nan vant ou yo :

  • Frè pou w afiche pwodui yo : $ 0.20 sou chak inite ki vann
  • Frè tranzaksyon : 10%

Note genyen yon ti frè ki sòti nan kòb achtè a peye a pou operasyon pèman. Frè sa a se sistèm ki ofri sèvis pèman elektwonik la sou sit entènèt yo ki prelve li. Frè sa a se 2.9% nan kòb achtè a ap peye a + $ 0.3 sou kòmand lan, kèlkeswa kantite inite moun lan achte nan boutik ou a sou platfòm lan.


Haispot peye vandè yo chak mwa. Toutfwa, nan kèk sitiyasyon espesyal kote yon vandè vann vit, vandè a elijib pou pèman antisipe e vandè ki baze Ozetazini yo kapab konfigire boutik yo pou yo resevwa pèman otomatik chak fwa yo fè vant.

Opsyon pèman:

Vandè ki baze Etazini kapab ajoute enfòmasyon kont an bank yo nan paramèt pèman yo sou paj boutik yo a, yon fason pou yo kapab resevwa pèman otomatik.

Vandè ki baze an Ayiti kapab resevwa pèman chak mwa sou kont an bank yo genyen Etazini. Kont an bank ki pa Ozetazini pap kapab konfigire boutik yo pou yo resevwa pèman otomatik chak fwa yo vann. Pou yon vandè ki Ayiti resevwa pèman antisipe, li dwe ekri ekip Haispot la sou [email protected]


Konfli ant achtè ak vandè

Ekip Haispot la ap jwe wòl medyatè nan konfli ki opoze achtè ak vandè e desizyon final yo ap pran selon sa ki di nan Politik Jeneral Haispot.

Ant vandè ak Haispot

Konfli ant vandè ak Haispot ap jere selon tèm ak kondisyon sa a yo. Nan ka kote yon vandè an konfli souvan ak achtè yo, ekip Haispot la kapab retire li sou platfòm lan oubyen nou kapab egzije li pou pwodui li yo pase nan antrepo nou an avan yo al jwenn kliyan an, yon fason pou Haispot pi byen swiv chak kòmand vandè sa .

Pou tout konfli tèm ak kondisyon sa yo ak politik jeneral Haispot pa kouvri, nou ap refere nou a lalwa nan peyi Etazini di sou sa ki gen a wè ak kòmès elektwonik.